No Future

I’m addicted to triads. Three, after all, is the ultimate number, the one number to describe them all. You can have 1…2…3 or as many as you can handle. More even than that. Once you get to third base, you stop thinking about home and see infinite possibilities open before you.

I can be sitting in a chair in a hot room under a fan, or wading waist deep watching the shadows of steelhead, or even filling out an electronic timecard to be paid for another wasted portion of my life, and there it is again, a triad, and I’m free to move on to waste even more life by thinking about something else.

This topic completes the triad of yesterday and today, but I don’t see a future, and futureless seems so negative. If Future is out of the menu for lack of proof of its existence, I’m not really opposed to a future should one actually occur, and aFuture feels pretentious and Smalltalkish, so I settled on Afuture to label this collection of random observations and invective.

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