Back in the day when Bush was king...

Hard to believe it was only 9 years ago when another ignorant piece of shit was president of the United States of Assholes and driving the economy off the fiscal cliff.

Bush: It's Clear Queers, Liberals And Terrorists Have Slowed Economy

The really sad thing is many ignorant Americans still believe most of the drool that passes for communication when it drips from the malignant lips of the spokesidiots of this great democracy of yours. I was only accidentally born into this mess, and I have yet to hear a compelling argument to convince me to pledge allegiance to family and friends, much less politicians and bureaucrats.

And the liberal media? If the media is liberal — and American liberals are among the least tolerant ignoroids I've had the unfortunate opportunity to dissociate with since elementary school — why does it continue to play the NOMF™ like a digital drum set?

The real story is not how hard Johnny "Hanoi Hilton" McCain is having to work to rise above the battle of the Democratic Titanics. It's not about whether a Chicago political tool can caucus his way to a nomination that is sure to McGovern the 2008 race and give this sorry ass morally corrupt NOMF™ four more years of the kind of entertainment the liberal media has been feeding it for 20 years. The story isn't even about binary existence. Does the world need more zeroes, or more ones?

I don't give a fuck about binary existence. That's all horseshit. Gating and workflow are not human. I really don't care about holding effective meetings. All that necessary drool you learn in management school and liberal arts and engineering? It's all horseshit. Voting is horseshit. It is neither a right, nor a responsibility. It is a confession to be used against you when your pathetic nation of miserable fucks loses the big game and somebody has to be stapled to billboards to send a message to other idiots just like you that this is what happens when you bet on the wrong team.

George Bush should have never become president to begin with. He should never have been governor of Texas. You know who made George Bush the idiot he is, was, and ever shall be? American voters. Ordinary idiots. 

Hey there people, you're Bobby Brown. You think you're the specialist thing in town. Watch it now. You're going down.

Originally posted: Friday - March 07, 2008 at 12:15 PM   

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