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Sunday, July 22, 2001

Lying Made Legal and Morally OK

WASHINGTON (YU) – The United States Supreme Court today refused to hear an appeal in the case of McCullers v. The ODS Health Plan, letting stand a lower court ruling that fraudulent phone system messages cannot be made grounds for negligent homicide. The ruling stems from the 1995 death of a Lickskillet woman who died listening to a recorded message while on hold with ODS customer service.

Consumer advocates had hoped to establish case law making it easier to collect damages from companies who do not offer any real product or service, such as HMOs and certain non-profit 12-step programs that set up elaborate and impenetrable customer service call systems to delay detection until they can sell themselves to foreign investors or seek protection while they reorganize. 

“It's one of the greatest scams ever,” said Michael Milliken, chief investigator for Scams 'R Us, a watchdog group for disorganized law enforcement. 

“How many times have you heard a message begin with: 'Please listen to this entire message before making your choice. Some menu options may have recently changed?' I know of ten major corporations who have been running the same menus and messages since the late 1980s. They don't even have customer service departments.” 

According to Milliken, these rogue organizations, “don't even have employees. No one has ever gotten through the maze far enough to even leave a message for a call back, for Christ's sake.” 

A survey of several Fortune 500 companies reveals that nearly 70% no longer have any employees at all. Revenues are used to pay rental and maintenance fees on contracted phone mail systems. In fact, some companies do nothing at all except have their voice mail systems interact with the automated phone systems of their strategic partners. 

In 1995, Urleen McCullers died of dehydration after spending 5 days attempting to negotiate a particularly intricate maze designed to keep patients such as her from quality care. The suit against ODS was filed on behalf of McCullers’ mutated husband Carson, and their fifteen children, aged 6 months to 10 years. 

A 1998 jury trial found ODS Health Plan negligent and awarded the family $3,000 in compensatory damages, $300 dollars for loss of companionship, and $11 million in punitive damages. 

On appeal, the punitive damages were set aside after ODS officials made several campaign contributions to re-elect the judge. The family was also ordered to pay all court costs and lawyer fees, which required that the surviving family members die in a freak bus accident while returning home from court.

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