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Nigra Apologizes: Hymies Unforgiving

by Uncommon Sense
Leonine Bruce, specist writer 
The Portland Pataphysical Outpatient Clinic
July 26, 2001 04:59PM 

PORTLAND (YU) — Portland School Board member Sammy Davis III apologized Wednesday for pointing out the race and religion of many elected officials in this backwater burg, but some still demanded that the black Hassidic convert atone for his remarks, and many militant Jews demanded his resignation. Davis refused to answer questions about suggestions that he step down.

Davis held his Wednesday news conference in front of the burned out shell of the old Burger Barn on Martin Luther King Blvd. where Portland Police dumped dead possums in the 1980s to display how far the city had progressed from the days of racial intolerance when blacks were simply hanged from power poles when they wandered into white neighborhoods.

The exact text of Davis's remarks remains unknown because his words were drowned out by the bullhorns of militant Zionists calling for the removal of the board member's genitals. Davis's prepared remarks were snatched from the podium before he even finished his speech when unruly kikes in studded yarmulkes rushed the dreadlocked Davis.

In the scuffle that followed, several members of the Elite Mauve Leopards who serve as Davis's bodyguards were injured while trying to shield him from stale matzos, cheap menorah, and Yiddish epithets hurled at the humbled educator by followers of one of the most brutal and vengeful Gods mankind has ever known.

In interviews with The Oregonadian in early July, Davis told an Israeli intelligence officer that Jews tend to stick together, often to the exclusion of people of other races and religions.

Most elected sheenies in Portland declined to attend Davis's news conference, preferring to watch the event on television at Temple Moshe Dayan in Northwest Portland, an area known for Jews, gays, brewers, entrepreneurs, and a distinct dearth of people of the darker epithelial hues.

"You know how they say you may not know what art is, but you can sure tell it when you see it?" said doyenne Mayor Vera Katz, "Well the same goes for sincere apologies. Mr. Davis's statement isn't the same as getting down on his knees and begging for his life. His future is now in the hands of the God of Abraham."

Several prominent Jews who refused to give their names and only spoke on condition that their faces and voices be distorted through a Web cam run by Dark Lord Viper said they wouldn't even pray for Mr. Davis.

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